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Halifax Vipers Basketball Club offers a full range of youth development programs for boys and girls whether the interest is recreational, competitive or elite level.


- A relentless focus on skill development -

Exciting Style of Play
We are a player's program and believe in "positionless" basketball. Our style of play is best described as up-tempo and with great mental and physical intensity.

We teach our players how to be effective on offense from anywhere on the court. Instead of just running plays, players learn how to play the game. With our Positionless Motion Offense, our players learn to analyze and exploit any defensive strategy.

We play aggressive man-to-man defense. Zone defense is effective at a youth basketball level but terrible for the long-term development of players and teams. Our focus is on the futures of the athletes we coach. The most successful programs at the high school and college level play man-to-man defense as their primary defensive strategy.


We believe that strength in numbers is essential to reaching our goals by creating a family setting for all our members, both parents and players. By relying on each other to motivate and become the best individual we can be, mountains of obstacles become hills and hurdles become steps forward toward greatness. At Halifax Vipers Basketball Club, we don't believe in "I", and we don't believe in "can't" for "I" paves a path towards selfishness and "can't" is the fear of failure in the pursuit of success.

By working with players to develop their strength and skills the theory is simple: if each player on a team is strong, then together they will be able to overcome each other's weakness.

We also believe it's important that all senior and/or graduating players from Halifax Vipers Basketball Club are a part of a mentoring program that allows players to come back and share their experiences learned through the sport of basketball as well as help younger players by coaching them the latest skills.

Program of Excellence:

  • Excellence in respect for one's self, coaches, teammates, officials, opposition and the game.
  • Excellence in displaying the highest standard of professionalism and ethical conduct on and off the court.
  • Excellence in applying the values of self-discipline and self-control to achieve personal and team goals.
  • Excellence in sportsmanship: play fair with the ability to win or lose gracefully.
  • Excellence in being a team player: must identify, reinforce and build on strengths and abilities to contribute to the team's performance and success.
  • Excellence in recognizing your personal uniqueness and value while at the same time seeing the same in others.
  • Excellence in understanding the crucial relationship between teammates and team performance. Learn to focus and embrace the valuable differences in the personalities and capabilities of every team member.
  • Excellence in maintaining goals, staying focused, plus being persistent, consistent, self-motivated, positive and optimistic.
  • These components dine Halifax Vipers Basketball Club.


  • Fundamentals of movement
  • Age specific drills
  • We believe team tactics are not necessary but an age appropriate understanding of the game is.
  • Fundamentals
    • Ball handling
    • Passing
    • Shooting
    • Lay-ups
    • Individual offense/defense
    • Stance and movement
    • Court markings, rules of the game and basketball terminology
    • Encourage fair play and teamwork
  • Focus on Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD)


We are huge proponents of developmentally appropriate programs. This year we will offer the following. Please click on the program for more information.

Vipers Girls  G  League (Development League)

  • Mini                                   U12 Ages 10-11
  • Bantam                            U14 Ages 12-13
  • Midget/Juvenile         U16/18 Ages 14-17

Vipers Boys G League (Development League)

  • Mini                                  U12 Ages 10-11
  • Bantam                           U14 Ages 12-13
  • Midget                            U16 Ages 14-15
  • Juvenile                         U18 Ages 16-17

Spring Leagues

  • 3X3 Girls Spring League
  • 3X3 Boys Spring League

For further information please click on the link for each program. Ages are of January 1st of the current year.


The club will provide all required equipment except the following::

  • Players are to wear comfortable clothing, shorts, t-shirts, socks and indoor running shoes.
  • A Vipers Uniform is required to participate. These will be available for purchase online at registration and will be kept by the player for future seasons.




Registration is open for the
2019 -2020 season.

To simplify processing, we are asking
that all participants register through
our online system.

  • Online Registration (We accept Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit, ACH bank account)

If you cannot pay by credit card, please
download the registration form, fill
out and deliver with payment (cash or
cheque made out to "Vipers
Basketball") to:
175 Main Street, Suite 211
Dartmouth, NS B2X 1S1.

If you have any further questions
please email