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Girls Rep Teams

Rep Athletes are expected to keep a high educational standard and be student-athletes. Our Coaches review report cards to ensure our athletes are achieving meaningful results in school and are motivated to excel in both the classroom and on the basketball court.


The Registration "Girls Competitive Rep Teams" is not currently available.


The Tri City Vipers Basketball Club provides a Competitive Program for players interested in an increased level of competitive basketball. The Tri City Vipers program, with its dedicated volunteer coaches, helps develop the player’s basketball and athletic skills to allow them to compete at a higher level of basketball.

  • Tri City Vipers competitive teams compete against other competitive teams as a part of the Metro Basketball Association (MBAns). Teams will practice in local gyms and have games throughout the city.  Teams  will also take part in local and out of province tournaments. While all practices and games are scheduled in advance, there can be school board cancellations or game changes on occasion during the season.

  • At the Tri City Vipers U10 (ages 8-9) and U12 (ages 10-11) levels, the emphasis in on development and enjoying the sport of basketball. Coaches focus on developing fundamentals and athleticism while ensuring fair play and sportsmanship. Teams practice twice a week and will travel throughout the season. Games played against other competitive teams provide opportunities for the players to learn and grow their understanding of the sport. The practices and games create a “team” atmosphere where players and friendships develop and grow.

  • Our Tri City Vipers U14 (ages 12-13), U16 (ages 14-15) and U18 (ages 16-18) teams will practice 2-3 times per week in local gyms (Halifax, Dartmouth, Fairview, Clayton Park),  and will travel to tournaments throughout the season. Through a higher level of competition, players will learn, develop and grow with their team while increasing their basketball skills and knowledge. 

  • All competitive team Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are NCCP trained and certified, providing players will knowledgeable and qualified coaches.

  • Tryouts for our competitive teams begin in August. The schedule is posted on our website at the beginning of August. Players will be notified by email of the tryout schedule, it will be posted on the Tri City Vipers Basketball Club's website. Please note that changes to the schedule can occur and players need to check the schedule regularly.

  • The Tri City Vipers Basketball Club is dependant on gym time supplied by our schools. Therefore, if a school is closed for holidays or a school event, we do not have access to that school. The main holiday closings would be Christmas and March Break along with holiday long weekends such as Thanksgiving, Easter, Family Day etc. On some occasions, short notice is given so the Tri City Vipers Basketball Club will make every effort possible to work with our coaches to re-schedule canceled practices.

Competitive Program Principles and Guidelines
All those associated with the Tri City Vipers Competitive Program will be aware of and support the following principles and guidelines. We will strive to:

 *Play to win within the integrity of the game – not to win at all costs

 *Create opportunities for our boys and girls to be role models in and outside of the Tri City Vipers Basketball Club

*Building Character (it's not just about the game but the life-learning experiences that come with competing at a higher level)

 *Always show respect for teammates, opponents, officials and volunteers

 *Provide a safe and positive environment

 *Remove barriers to trying out and/or participating

 *Provide training and on-going support to coaches and volunteers

 *Support overall goals of the Tri City Vipers Basketball Club, and  Metro Basketball Association

*Work actively to develop linkages with local schools and universities

​Players of all experience and skill levels are encouraged to try out for our Tri City Vipers REP teams. Our Competitive Program provides an excellent opportunity for players to develop their basketball skills through teamwork. Players who are released from tryouts will automatically be placed on a recreational team for the season if they have registered with the Tri City Vipers Basketball Club for the season. Competitive team tryouts being in mid August. An email will be sent to all registrants when details are available. Schedules will also be posted on our website.

For further information on our Tri City Vipers  competitive teams, please contact our Competitive Program Coordinator

Tri City Vipers Competitive Program Divisions

U10 Girls Born in 2012 - 2013 ( 8 - 9 years of age) Size 5 - 27.5" basketball ( boys and girls)
U12 Girls Born in 2010 - 2011 (10 - 11 years of age) Size 5 - 27.5" basketball (boys and girls)
U14 Girls Born in 2008 - 2009 (12 - 13 years of age) Size 6 - 28.5" basketball (boys and girls)
U16 Girls Born 2006 - 2007 (14 - 15 years of age) Girls: size 6 - 28.5" basketball, Boys: size 7 - 29.5" basketball
U18 Girls Born in 2003 or younger Girls: size 6 - 28.5", Boys: size 7 - 29.5" basketball