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The Registration "Rec League" is not currently available.

The Tri City Vipers Basketball Club Recreational Program is intended to give as many players in the community as possible, the opportunity to play the game of basketball and provide them with a positive atmosphere to develop as players and people. Our group of volunteer coaches are dedicated to helping players improve their basketball fundamentals with an emphasis on FUN!

All recreational league players will receive a backpack, water bottle,  and a basketball to keep (uniforms must be purchased separately for an additional fee).

Tri City Vipers recreational teams are a member of the Metro Basketball Association (MBAns) and as such, games for many age groups will be scheduled to take place from Halifax, Dartmouth, and locations in between. The objectives of the Tri City Vipers Recreational Program are to provide an opportunity for players to learn and play basketball in a positive and supportive environment where they can grow, both as players and as people.

Game schedules for U10 to U18 boys and girls teams, are the responsibility of Metro Basketball Association (MBAns). 

  • Tri City Vipers Basketball recreational teams are selected with parity in mind – meaning the pool of available players are evaluated for various skills and distributed evenly across teams so that no one team is stronger than the other. Our first priority will be balancing our teams each season. The Tri City Vipers Basketball Club uses a combination of coach input and sort outs to put our rosters together. Making best efforts to set balanced recreational teams affords all teams a level opportunity for success every season. Mixing players on recreational teams each season provides a positive opportunity for players to build new relationships. Given the importance of team balancing, managing player requests provided during registration and providing the best experience to all of our players, there can not be any changes to teams once sort outs are completed. Players can expect to receive an email from their coaches the week before the season begins.

  • ​​The Tri City Vipers Recreational Program basketball schedules are determined based on our volunteer coaches' availability. Please note that the team schedules are not available until approximately the first week of October after registration has closed and all players have been assigned to a roster.

  • During the registration process, there is an option to identify a maximum of one evening per week that a player is NOT available. Please indicate ONE DAY ONLY that you are not available as only one day will be considered. Although we cannot guarantee it, we do our best to accommodate these types of requests when feasible.         

  • Players registering for our Tri City Vipers Recreational Program can include a friend request however BOTH friends must request each other for the request to be considered.  Please only indicate ONE FRIEND ONLY as only one friend will be considered. Please keep in mind that when placing players on teams, there are a number of things to consider. The Tri City Vipers Basketball Club does its very best to try and accommodate all requests to the best of its ability but sometimes we are not able to fulfill all requests. We appreciate your understanding.

  • ​​Recreational U10 levels practice for 1 hour and Tri City Vipers  U12 to U18 levels practice for 1.5 hours, one night per week, in Halifax/Dartmouth/Clayton Park gyms.

  • Tri City Vipers  U10 and U12 teams play one game on Saturday, U14, U16 and U18 teams play one game per week, on Sundays, starting in October 30. All game times vary anywhere from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.. The Year-End Tournaments are held in March/April at the end of the basketball season. While all practices and games are scheduled in advance, there can be school board cancellations or game changes on occasion during the season.

  • While many players participate in basketball alongside other activities, when schedules conflict, the Tri City Vipers Basketball will not be able to accommodate special requests that impact team roster shuffles. Last-minute shuffles and trades cause significant disruption to other players and teams. In many cases, this also prevents us from achieving balanced recreational teams.

  • Tri City Vipers recreational teams are able to use "call ups" during the season should they find themselves short of players for a scheduled game. Call ups are players from younger recreational teams who can fill in for games if needed.

  • The recreational season starts in October and runs until March/April.

  • Players who attend Tri City Vipers competitive team tryouts who are not selected for the competitive team and are registered for either the competitive program or the recreational program, with automatically be placed on a Tri City Vipers recreational team. If the player is registered for the competitive program, a refund for the difference in registration fees will be processed. If a player is registered for "TRYOUTS ONLY" and not for one of the Tri City Vipers Basketball Club's programs they will need to register for the Tri City Vipers recreational program to be placed on a team for the season.

  • Please note that if a player waits to register for a recreational team until after tryouts, their particular division may be full and the player will be placed on a waitlist.

  • The Tri City Vipers Basketball Club is dependant on gym time supplied by our schools. Therefore, if a school is closed for holidays or a school event, we do not have access to that school. The main holiday closings would be Christmas and March Break along with holiday long weekends such as Thanksgiving, Easter, Family Day etc. On some occasions, short notice is given so the Tri City Vipers Basketball Club will make every effort possible to work with our coaches to re-schedule canceled practices.

The Tri City Vipers Basketball Club participates in the Metro Basketball Association (MBAns) which brings together associations from Halifax, Dartmouth and the surrounding areas to have fun, develop sportsmanship and compete against each other in a positive setting.